Harriet is a Star

Congratulations to Harriet winning a volunteering award form Manchester University and getting us £100 in the process! Also, I understand someone has had the foresight to get the netting out for the soft fruit before it is ripe enough to attract the birds. We have geniuses amongst us.

Triffid, definitely a triffid

I planted seeds from a packet clearly labelled 'Gallardia Indian Blanket'. The seeds sprouted and were lovingly cared for until the ground warmed up, when they went in at the back of the garden. They grew exactly as expected, into two clumps (three plants to a clump) of medium sized leafy mounded plants. I anticipated the warm red/orange/yellow flowers densely covering the clump. Instead, each plant suddenly shot up a metre high stem then burst into small star shaped white flowers with a fairly strong and very pleasant scent. What have I planted and can I move them to the back of the bed next season?

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