Current Situation

The last two years has seen the pattern of quarterly open days and table top sales  maintained and in 2007 the group held their first apple day for many years.

The original group has made contacts with volunteer organisations and drawn in new indviduals willing to give a regular commitment to the project.

With this has come the momentum to start seeking the levels of financial support which will be needed to re-establish the project as a centre of renown and respect.

By mid 2006 the group had made contact with organisations like British Trust for Conservation Volunteers who  took part in the renovation of the pond, rebuilding the bridge  and dredging the pond.

Since September 2007, with the support of Manchester Community Service Volunteers,  the site has been host to several groups helping with the renovation.

These have included work groups from Manchester businesses such as Nike, Ernst Young, and KPMG and and a Global Exchange group of local students and their counterparts from Malawi.  

There are  two main volunteer work groups continuing to renovate and develop the grounds. One group is to be found here every Tuesday afternoon, and the other most weekends.

The work being tackled at the moment includes cleaning the pond area, reviving the herb garden, creating new shrub and flower borders, pruning and training in the fruit garden and orchards.

The 35 metre greenhouse, which includes a tropical section, is being cleaned, the back wall is getting its first new coat of natural emulsion for 20 years.

In mid 2008 planning work was started to create a development plan suitable to be used as a basis for grant applications. These meetings are continung, working on the plans necessary to follow our intentions:

To be a centre of excellence for the whole community for the promotion of-

·        environmental and horticultural education

·        healthy food production

·        healthy lifestyles

·        environmental/horticultural-related social enterprise

·        nature conservation and biodiversity enrichment

·        community engagement in the local environment 

Our full mission statement

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Rob Levy,
9 Mar 2012, 01:45
Rob Levy,
9 Mar 2012, 01:45
Rob Levy,
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